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"The 3 Things That Will Prevent Your Pitcher From Getting a College Scholarship"

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Released: The Survival Guide for
The Parent of the Elite Pitcher

Learn proven methods to combating your pitcher's injury and fatigue

Gain the insider's advantage to getting your pitcher noticed at any level

Get a rare look at the unique philosophy of Coach Ron Wolforth (used by professional baseball pitchers today)

From America's "Go To Guy" on Pitching

Coach Ron Wolforth's Book Allows You to
Shorten The Learning Curve to
Achieving Your Pitcher's Full Potential


“Relying on first-hand experience, in this type of arena, can be quite costly.   Imagine if you could avoid injury for your son's arm, or body?   Would you want him to "learn the hard way"?   Baseball is a game that requires a ton of perspective from a parent's viewpoint.   All that matters when your son is 12, or 16, or 18 is that along the development curve he has a chance to reach his potential.   Regardless of what that potential ceiling is, relying on first-hand knowledge with the possibility of injury and ineffectiveness is not secure. 


As a kid, I was a great reader, and from A-Z it seemed like I'd read every available book on pitching, even skimming biographies for inspiration.  I never got my hands on Ron's method until I was already in the major leagues, which by that time I'd already had enough injuries to essential body parts.   Perhaps if my family and myself could rewind the clock, then I might have been able to avoid some of the injuries and their lasting effects.


CJ WilsonA saying you learn in the minor leagues:   nobody gets sent to the big leagues from the training room.   


Find a way to make yourself stronger, more stable mechanically, and mentally by working on the right program and having a bit of perspective.  It's more important to improve, and if you are going for the top, you better do what you can to keep yourself in onepiece."


C.J. Wilson
Major League Picher, Los Angeles Angels
2011 American League All-Star


Coach Ron Wolforth's Latest Book,
A Parent's Survival Guide: For the Parent of the Elite Pitcher

Order Now for Only $14.95

PLUS: Get Access to a BONUS Private Tele-Seminar with Coach Wolforth:

"The 3 Things That Will Prevent Your Pitcher
From Getting a College Scholarship"

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A Parent's Survival Guide: For the Parent of the Elite Pitcher


I’m afraid my athlete will get injured.

  • The Truth about Soft Tissue, Growth Plates and Injury to Pitchers
  • The Truth about Curveballs and Sliders
  • The Truth about Velocity
  • The Truth about Workloads and Over Use
  • The Truth about Mechanics
  • The Truth about Long Toss
  • The Truth about Weighted Balls
  • The Truth about Command/Control
  • The Truth about Wake-up, Warm-up
  • The Truth about the Conditioning of Pitchers

Part II. There is a Learning Curve to Everything!
I’m afraid my athlete will never get noticed.

  • The Truth about a Vast Majority of Lesson Providers
  • The Truth about Select/Travel Ball
  • The Truth about Year Round Baseball
  • The Truth about Showcases, Showcase Camps and Showcase Tournaments
  • The Truth about High School Baseball
  • The Truth about Scholarships
  • The Truth about College Baseball
  • The Truth about being Drafted
  • The Truth about Professional Baseball

PLUS Inside Access to Ron Wolforth's Texas Baseball Ranch, A Detailed Look at Coach's Personal Philosophy, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

The Proof is in the MLB Draft, really, this says it all... about Ron Wolforth

I started with Coach Wolforth after my freshman year of high school. I was fourteen at the time and came to The Ranch, which was still known as Can-Am at the time, throwing 78 miles per hour. One year later, after attending two boot camps and three weeks of summer session at The Ranch, I hit 94 in a game. The jump in velocity was great, as it helped me get noticed and continue playing baseball at the next level, but the best part about The Ranch, to me, is the wealth of information and lack of ego associated with training there. Coach Wolforth has a true commitment to getting it "right" regardless of who comes up with the information or ideas. I have been training with Ron for close to 8 years now. In those eight years I have seen the program morph, evolve and improve constantly, incorporating all areas important to becoming a successful pitcher. Some of these include: velocity, command, arm health, arm strength, mental preparation, physical preparation and pitch sequencing. I am blessed to have gotten to know Coach Wolforth when I did and consider my time around him and those who practice his program to be the only reason I am still playing baseball today.”

Trevor Bauer
2011 Golden Spikes Award Winner
#3 Draft Pick 2011 Draft, Arizona Diamondbacks

Ron Wolforth

Ron R. Wolforth is the founder and CEO of Pitching Central and Ron Wolforth’s Texas Baseball Ranch in Montgomery, Texas. Coach Wolforth has written 5 books on pitching, the latest being his national best-seller The New Athletic Pitcher™. Since 2003, 64 of Coach Wolforth’s clients have been drafted, including the 2011 Golden Spikes Award winner and #3 overall pick, Trevor Bauer of the Arizona Diamondbacks. In that same time period, 114 of Coach Wolforth’s pitchers have broken the 90mph barrier. He is considered the world’s leading expert on the objective measurement of pitcher’s performance and movement patterns. No one in the world today has developed more 90 mph arms in a single location since 2003.


Coach Wolforth has consulted for 3 MLB organizations and dozens of NCAA programs. He is a regular featured author in Collegiate Baseball and has been a featured speaker at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) National Convention five times since 1999 as well as a presenter at the American Sports Medicine Institute’s Injuries in Baseball Annual Conference. Coach Wolforth has also been utilized by Corporate Organizations such as AXA Equitable Life as a motivational coach for their branch managers, mentoring them on how to improve performance and contributions from their team members.

His 20 year passion for uncovering possible constraints and limitations to baseball performance as well as identifying the keys to accelerated growth and development stems from the fact that he was very dissatisfied with the level of his own performance as a college player and vowed to help other athletes avoid his mistakes and instead maximize their God-given potential. Hundreds of elite athletes from all over the world come to Montgomery, TX to work with Coach Wolforth. Some of his clients include Trevor Bauer, Scott Kazmir, Raul Ibanez and CJ Wilson.

While Coach Wolforth’s playing career offered few superlatives, his academic career was quite a different matter. He was named both the Physical Education and the Secondary Education student of the year at Sam Houston State University in 1983. Coach Wolforth is considered a master teacher by many in the baseball community and he has been referred to as ‘America’s Pitching Coach’ because of his practical, self-effacing and innovative approach to common performance issues.

A parent of an elite pitcher just like you, speaks the truth about what makes Ron Wolforth special…

“Ron Wolforth’s genius is not in his deep knowledge and understanding of pitching (though profound).  It abides in his willingness and ability to take a very complex physiological process & communicate it to anyone who is motivated to learn.  This is non-existent in baseball today and is testimony to his love of the game, but more importantly, his passion for helping others.  He shares his incredible gift with infectious joy… We have found a hidden treasure and it resides in Montgomery, Texas.”

Jim Davidson, Father of Elite Pitcher, Holland, PA

A Career major leaguer... his word you can take all the way around the bases Raul Ibanez

“Wolforth is an extraordinary coach and a master teacher. His thirst for knowledge, and creative thinking are truly inspiring. His approach is based on truth and not tradition. This book is the result of his quest for excellence. Within these pages you will find everything you need for proper pitching mechanics, philosophy, and execution. I highly recommend this book and will be teaching these throwing principles to my own children.”                                                          

Raul Ibanez, 17 Year Major League Player, 2009 All-Star


Coach Ron Wolforth's Latest Book,
A Parent's Survival Guide: For the Parent of the Elite Pitcher

Order Now for Only $14.95

PLUS: Get Access to a BONUS Private Tele-Seminar with Coach Wolforth:

"The 3 Things That Will Prevent Your Pitcher
From Getting a College Scholarship"

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